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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 31, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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left this evening. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back on monday night. if is a day that end in day does the white house blames president bush? good evening i'm dana perino in for greta. we'll have a report coming up. does the obama administration have a plan to i go illegal i am immigrants backdoor amnesty? a leaked draft memo written by officials is sending shockwaves through washington. what does it say? joining me rich lowry. and rich, you were the ones that wreck this story. i have to say from experience i'm a little suspicious of draft leaked memos coming out of bureaucracy, because they always have some sort of grain to truth though the white house denies that, what say you? >> this is a memo that
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republican senators have had some hint existed for a long time. senator grassley the iowa republican has been bangs on the obama administration for months over this writing letters saying, look i'm getting whiffs there's some sort of plan to attempt administratively to impose a quasi amnesty. they brushed him off. in effect denied it. said look we would never consider such a thing. here you have it in black and white in this memo that they are considering such a thing. and it is a stark vindication for senator grassley. >> >> dana: do you know wrote it and who did they write it for? >> it was written by four staffers and citizenship and immigration services offices for the director. quite a detailed document. this isn't somethiíé@4:6#=ñ that someone came up with over a cup of coffee. it does on gash it goes on for 11 pages, technical detail the
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subject header says to adopt administrative measures to achieve comprehensive immigration reform. >> dana: from a practical standpoint, what would that mean? that would you allow people to take a pass if they overstated their visas? >> correct. it gets technical. there's something called deferral of action. something called in place if you get that from the bottom line of all those, what they mean is you were bureaucratically wave people in. and say we are going to give you a semi official amnesty if they pursued a robust version of all of these options it could affect millions. one example, defered action they talk about how it could apply to the children of illegal immigrants who are eligible, pro tension ali for amnesty if something called the dream act passes. it hasn't passed congress. the memo says it could apply to 50,000. i don't know where they came up with that memo there are
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reputable estimates. the dream act to apply to 2.1 million people. to give you an idea of the scale of that the reagan amnesty in 1986, my understanding is that applied to 2.7 million in total this is a huge deal. i think every american should be outraged about it, wherever you are on immigration. because one, we are a nation of laws. two, we are a nation of laws passed by congress. if you want to change our immigration system, and achieve a comprehensive reform or amnesty, go to congress and get them to change the nation's laws this would be an end run around that >> dana: the white house has said this is not their official policy. that they don't support amnesty. it did occur to me in thinking about all that has gone in in arizona how there is no hope of congress passing a year. how the constituencys that help president obama be
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elected are disappointed with that. if the democrats lose the house this november or come close to losing it, do you think that something like this memo could end up being passed through executive order? >> yeah. that's exactly what is contemplated here. there's nothing secret it is right there again in black and white, in the memo. what is so disturbing to me dana, i read this in the context of the arizona immigration suit. what the obama administration effectively says in that suit is the law written by the congress of the united states do not matter. arizona is wrong to take those laws sincerely and seriously. all that maries what the federal agencies decide to enforce or not. so in is in effect, that suit is a huge add -- administrative power grab. this memo suggests they are thinking more in that direction. and thinking how they can impose their legislative wishes, administration
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actively through the federal bureaucracy. >> dana: congratulations rich on breaking the story people can read about it at national thank you for coming in on a friday night. >> thank you dana, have a great weekend. >> dana: two days after a federal judge blocked the law ja in brewer is getting back up from senator john mccain. >> it is a federal responsibility to secure our borders. i like forward to seeing and hearing about the lawsuit that's brought by the federal government and the attorney general against chicago, san francisco and other sanctuary cities. >> dana: arizona attorney general terry goddard is in an interesting position he opposes his state's illegal immigration law and against the justice department's lawsuit and also running to unseat governor brewer. he joins me right now. attorney general, thanks for being here tonight. how are you? >> i'm good. i thought your last guest
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really nailed it. we need to get congress, not the administration, off their seats and to do something serious about immigration reform. that would help arizona and the country. >> dana: earlier this week arizona suffered a set-back in -- they passed the law then they are trying to deal with it in the courts. the district court said it is not going to fly. you -- did you think that outcome would have been different this week had your office been able to be a part of it? >> nobody can predict precisely what a cost would have done with a different legal team. all i can say is the team i lead at the attorney general's office in arizona has defended two previous arizona statutes on this general subject of i am and we haven't lost the motion. so, we are pretty good at what we do. the governor for very political reasons decided she wanted to handle the whole thing. rather than have a spat among top elected officials, i
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allowed her to continue to do that. unfortunately, she was unsuccessful. and is now taking an appeal. >> dana: do you think they will win on appeal? i'm assuming you are not going to offer to help. >> this isn't a peel from a substantive ruling of a court. this is from a preliminary injunction ruling. what they will do, is anybody's guess. here the bottom line. this litigation is going on for a long time. these are complicated issues. regardless of what side you are on in arizona we want action. we want to see producing in terms of fighting border crime and getting everything that lives in our state and across the country into the same set of rules in my opinion and of that 70% of my fellow arizonans that means getting congress moving on immigration reform. you said earlier there was no way they were gonna do that. that's a crying shame in my opinion. i think they have a
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responsibility to do the job. i don't think the administration is trying to end run as was implied a minute ago. but, why would senator grassley or anybody else be concerned if they had been doing their job proposing something in the area of immigration reform? >> dana: one thing i wanted to ask you about. i know you will have an op-ed out talking about how you believe that sb-1070 put arizona on the defense. and you think arizona knee -- needs to go on the offense and america when it comes to immigration reform. can you tell they specific how you would try to go after the cartels and the like? >> i would be happy to. because i think that's the fundamental problem with our border situation. we are not taking it seriously enough. we have some additional troops, national guard troops that are going there. additional border patrol. all that is terrific. but they are supposed to know the line and stop people -- to
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to work the line and stop people who are trying to come across. there's an under appreciation just how sophisticated and tech only -- technologically savvy they are they are among the best in the world. our justice department has called them the greatest organized criminal threats to national security in the united states. okay, let's do what we do to other criminal threats. let's join up with mexico, find the leaders of the cartels, wherever they may be. arrest them, prosecute them, put them in jail. dismember the organizes that's going on the offense. the other thing we can do much better is stop the flow of money that is i will really going across the boarder to the cartels. the -- across the border to the cartels. some of our actions have left big loopholes in the movement of money illegal lay across the border. 40 billion dollars a year estimated to be enriching them that fuels the violence in
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mexico. i believe it is in our national interest to stop that tphref cash. we've been trying to do it here in arizona by stopping wire transfers but that's just part of the story. we need federal help. >> dana: interesting thing i would think the obama administration would say they are trying to work with the government of mexico on that. would you suggest we would use our troops to help the government of mexico go after these cartels? >> no, i want to use the fbi, i want to use organized folks. these are organized criminals they are good at what they do. i don't think it is a military action that is called for. it is sophisticated criminal prosecution. that's what i do for a living that's i think we need to get the very best in the various agencies of the united states government and go on the offense . go after the cartels where they are. find their -- forbes magazine has a picture of the head of a cartel they must have found him. i believe the investigative might of the united states coupled with the passion of
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the mexican law enforcement authorities they've committed, they've been in in war now almost six years -- excuse me, four years. i believe it is that combination working together that can bring the cartel menace to their knees. if we can cut off the money at the same time the people that are paid to fight -- to bring people illegally into the united states will have to stop. >> dana: mr. attorney general, thanks for coming on tonight. >> next, hundreds of protesters flood phoenix outraged at arizona's illegal immigration law. what does the phoenix mayor say? he goes on the record, next. >> the blame bush syndrome flares up again in washington. is vice president biden seriously trying to pass the buck on the economy to the former president when he hasn't been in office the last 18 months? is this argument persuasive or a turn off? >> what do you think sarah palin says about the president's visit to the view? find out in a few minutes.
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>> dana: the most controversial parts of sb-1070 were blocked by a judge. that didn't stop hundreds from flooding the streets of phoenix when the rest of the law went into effect dozens ended up being arrested. phoenix mayor phil gordon is against the law and earlier spoke to griff jenkins. >> reporter: mr. mayor, you have seen a number of protests and demonstrations here what
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do you make of it? >> silver lining in this whole 1070 and everything going on we are getting a lot of visitors now and economic development and sales tax. you know, i said months ago that 1070 was destined to be in court. if we would put the energy that both our city, our state, the country has been putting into both sides of the debate on 1070 into the immigration debate where it belongs in washington, d.c., with a comprehensive immigration reform package and a secure border, using technology and using agents on the ground, having a guest worker program, you know what, this thing will be solved not only in arizona and phoenix but it be solved across the country. it doesn't do anything and nobody should be claiming victory or protesting against what has occurred because this
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will just court now for years. >> reporter: what was your reaction to judge bolton's ruling? >> as you know, individually, i've said this law has been unconstitutional. immoral and doesn't do anything to do what it purports, which is to make our community, our state and the nation safer in fact, it does the opposite. it prevents or scares people from testifying against real criminals, violent criminals. it uses scarce resources police power and economic dollars to go avids that are working in kitchens or working -- to go after individuals that are working in kitchens or working in hotels versus legal or illegal syndicates that are smuggling drugs and people and guns and money across the border and killing people on both sides of the border. why? because as we continue to debate in and pass laws across
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the country that don't solve the issue the bad guys know we are divided. and the bad guys will keep taking advantage of it. >> reporter: >> reporter: senator mccain led a comprehensive immigration guest-worker-type program under president bush. now he seems to be more focused on that issue of securing the border. am i correct? what are your thoughts on that? >> senator mccain is a close friend and supporter of mine, and vice versa. i think what he's doing, i might not agree, which i don't agree with and we've had differences. in his heart, i believe he's got a plan that will both secure our border and do something to help those that are helpless and to help our economy and help secure i believe that will happen. i believe that he and others
1:18 am
will work with the president and democratic senators and come up with a plan that addresses the issues and moves this country forward. we can, in the vast majority, -- everybody talks about polls. the vast majority of this country doesn't want inaction on issues in washington. they don't want inaction in issues at the state level, arizona included which hasn't been doing anything moving forward. which is starting to creep into the cities. they want movement. maybe slow, maybe on different sides of the issue. but they want this government to work. >> dana: next, mr. vice president, really? at what point does the obama administration take responsibility for its own policies? it has been 18 months but the vice president continues to pass the buck on the economy to my old boss, president bush. steve moore says there should be a statute of limitations on blame. steve is next. >> a lawyer sues the president, then guess to the white house to deliver the lawsuit.
1:19 am
the lawyer will tell you what happened, coming up. >> democratic congressman anthony weiner has an meltdown on the house floor. you get the whole story, coming up. the gentleman is wrong, providing cover for his colleagues rather than doing the right thing! republicans wrapping their around republicans rather than doing the right thing on behalf of the heroes! it is a shame! a shame! if you believe this is a bad idea to provide health care then vote no, but don't give me the cowardly view that it was a different procedure! the gentleman will observe regular order and sit down! i will not. the gentlema?)?)?)?)?)?)?)?)?)?)
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>> dana: when in doubt, blame president bush. that's been the mantra of the current white house. vice president biden has adopted a new and seemingly poll tested phrase, the bush recession. here he is answering a question about the rocky economy. >> has this administration done enough? >> it is never enough until we restore the ail million jobs lost in the bush recession. >> dana: joining us live steve moore. thanks for coming on. i'm a little worried about the
1:23 am
democrats' health. there's this unhealthy obsession with blaming president bush. one of the things you mention is a statute of limitations they are trying to have it both ways. >> first of all, it is true every president in american history has all blamed their predecessor so this is a great american tradition. this president has been in office now for 18 months. he tries to take credit for the good things that happen with the economy. when the economy looked like it was gaining strength he was trumpeting how great the economy was. now the economy appears to be slowing down of course we haven't had the job growth that's the main concern 18 months after the stimulus bill was passed and we spent that 800 billion dollars. here's the key point we haven't gained jobs we've lost 2.2 million jobs since
1:24 am
barack obama took office. you can't blame that on george bush. >> dana: at what point do they have to take responsibility from an economist point of view? >> there has to be some kind of statute of limitations. president obama came in, remember in his first month or two in office he passed that stimulus bill. his economic program in place faster than most presidents do. president reagan didn't get his tax cut passed until the summer of his first year in office. the point is his policy was put in place immediately. >> dana: within weeks, two or three weeks. >> and 18 months later we still haven't had much job get. over that period we've lost jobs. one other point a few weeks ago president obama and vice president biden had this road to recovery tour, right because it looked like the economy was getting better. now all of a sudden signs are coming in consumer confidence
1:25 am
has fallen, now they have to point their finger at bush. by the way i think they are going to do this for the next two years. >> i think it is falling on deaf ears. >> i think the american people are getting sick of it. even people who didn't like george bush. they are saying wait a minute, be responsible. how about some accountability for your own policies? >> i don't think they are thinking about president bush, a house they can't sell, trying to keep a job or fan a job. wondering if this administration on a stay the course policy? people are wondering are they willing to change policy at all? >> i think they are frighten at the white house now. democrats are they believed the economy would be better. that's why they had the summer road to america. people are really worried about this economy right now. >> dana: they thought people would forget the way they pushed through the health care bill and that hasn't happened.
1:26 am
>> there's a lesson the government spending doesn't create jobs this is something we say at the "wall street journal" everyday. >> dana: let's talk about what president obama did today. we went to detroit and touted all the great things the administration has done to turn around these companies. >> in michigan of all places. we have seen recovery in the auto industry. guess which of the big three doing the best? ford the one that didn't take any government money if you pour government money into a company you can prop them back up again. 30 years ago we've propped up chrysler they've been in bankruptcy twice. what are we going to do the next time pour another 50 billion. i don't care how many times the ceo says it, they have not paid the taxpayer back all the money we've invested if that? and they may never pay it back. >> dana: if you are in the white house looking at the
1:27 am
numbers and data and you see the american people are worried about government intrusion in business. today president obama would go to michigan and talk about how look at what we did. we saved the auto companies. we turned them around. really, i don't know if he i would want to be taking credit for that. >> michigan has the second or third highest unemployment rate in the country. hard place to make the case we have this resilient economy. the other thing is, look sure we poured something like 60 billion dollars into these two companies that's a lot of money. they are doing better now the question is whether they will be able to sustain this when the government money runs out. >> dana: vice president biden said today it is going to take us a while to recover those eight millions jobs. from your point of view how long does it take to get into job growth? >> we've least eight or nine million jobs. we -- we've lost eight or nine million we need 250,000 jobs a
1:28 am
month for the next three years. >> dana: policies aren't there to do that. >> no question. the worst thing right now repeal the bush tax cuts. >> dana: call them something else. >> we can raise taxes on january 1st, 2011 or it risks a double dip recession. >> dana: thanks steve. what happens when a lawyer sues president obama, then goes to the white house to deliver the lawsuit? he will tell. >> president obama got slammed by plenty of people for going on the view. what does sarah palin say? find out in a few minutes.
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1:32 am
lawsuit. he went to washington to hand deliver a copy of the lawsuit the old fashioned way to president obama, nancy pelosi and harry reid. what happened? joining us a lawyer and republican congressional candidate in tennessee. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure, hi dana. >> dana: tell me about what the class action lawsuit is and what you accomplish? >> well, when the tennessee attorney general refused to file a challenged constitutional challenge to obama care, i took on the role of private attorney general and offered to all of tennessee to join. we ended up having so many people across america wanting to join and we have like you said 25,000 plus have joined. we are challenging obama care on the grounds that nothing in the constitution authorizes the federal government to regulate health care or insurance at all. >> dana: so, if you are successful in your lawsuit,
1:33 am
what would be the result repeal of the law? >> not just repeal of obamacare. we are actually asking the core to overturn the 68-year-old commerce clause precedent that destroyed the constitution as a whole by expanding the scope of authorities that congress has to regulate everything. the purpose of the constitution was to limit the scope of authority that the federal government had. for the first 150 years of our country, that worked really well. in 1942 the supreme court basically misinterpreted the commerce clause in such a way that it took all limitations off of congress' limited scope of authority. >> dana: today, let's talk about what happened this week when you came to washington to try to deliver the lawsuit which i think is a gentlemanly thing to do. speaker pelosi's office was amused. senator reid's office was rude. and the white house refused to
1:34 am
take the lawsuit. tell me about your visit to washington. >> well, we went to speaker pelosi's office first. as you said, that was pretty much just an amusement. not much happened there. then we walked over senator reid's office. some of the staff were fairly -- when they found out -- fairly polite, when they found out why we were there they were upset wouldn't tell us where the drinking fountain was. talking and pointing, we were pleased to see there was a little reaction. then we talked down to the white house. we walked up to the gate tried to gift lawsuit one of the secret service agents standing at the gate and he said i have no idea what to do with that. and he went and talked to this other agent and they said we can't take that i said well if this was anybody else and i was at their house i could just leave it here with you.
1:35 am
so i said i'm just going to leave it here. oh no you're not. dane i remember people would come and we would send somebody out there would be the cameras. were what i thought was interesting at your website which you can tell people about, you had people from the white house and department of justice sign up to get information about it. so you've obviously gotten under your skin a little bit. >> yeah, we had obama at white as one of the e-mails on our list we didn't know -- notice it for a long time. we assumed it was a prank so we delisted it. when you delist it sends a notice to that e-mail address and it got relisted within 24 hours. we know some staffer is watching the lawsuit. we found out the department of justice has visited my website, my congressional website within the last week.
1:36 am
so, yeah someone is getting interested in what we are doing. >> dana: how can people join the lawsuit if they want to? >> click on the obamacare class action link and film out a form and you will be joined as a plaintiff. >> dana: van, thank you. >> thank you dana. >> dana: next the bp ceo bob dudley goes on the record with greta. what did tony hayward say to him? >> then congressman weiner goes ballistic on the house floor. you've seen the video. the republican who took the brunt of the tirade is not backing down. the whole story, minutes away. >> we see it in united states senate everyday where members say we want amendments, we want debate, but still a no then we stand up and go only if we had a different process we vote yes.
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1:41 am
passing over. b.p. hoped to start final plug by sunday, but now says it could be monday or even tuesday. a house investigative panel deciding late friday to charge maxine waters with ethics violations. waters has been under investigation for communicating with a representative at a bank in which her husband owns stock. this is is raising the possibility of a second trial in the fall, with charles rangel also facing ethics charges on separate issues. now back to "on the record." go to fox -- >> dana: talk about walking into a mess. bob dudley is the new incoming ceo of bp. while oil has stopped gushing for now into the gulf of mexico, bp's problems are just beginning. >> greta: nice to see you. usually when people get new
1:42 am
jobs i congratulate you but i think you may have picked the old maid card this time sir. >> i hope not greta, but thank you. good to talk with you again. >> greta: nice to talk to you. i'm not going to clobber you over the head or bp today, because i know your company has gotten that and admittedly it is well deserves. i'm curious as to the current status. where are we? we've temporarily sealed that well but give me an overview? >> 13 days ago we put a cap on the well, sealed it and we've been monitoring it closely to test the integrity. you remember tropical storm bonnie came through the gulf, i think i would call it a lowzqn terms of intensity. we were monitoring it, the well cap stayed on. the integrity of the well held up. three, four day delay.
1:43 am
running casing on the relief wells getting it ready. by tuesday we will run the static kill operation which is a way to pump heavy mud and cement into the well and follow that with a relief well. so far, so good. good. my belief is we will not see any more oil flowing back into the gulf. >> greta: can you give us some idea the risk before that permanent cap gets on? i realize you are monitoring it carefully. is this like we should take a deep breath that it is now over or is there a good margin of risk between now and the permanent sealing? >> well, one of the measures of it is pressure on the well. it is slowly rising which is what you would expect with a well in a reservoir with a well with good integrity. the fact we've been 13 days on that, think the well is in good shape. don't expect leak. then, these kill operations are there. it proves we can go through a
1:44 am
storm now without problems. we've got a weather window now that looks like about 10 days off where we can get these two operations done. first the static kill, the completion with the relief well maybe the middle of august. >> greta: there has been good news that the oil on the surface disappearing at a faster rate than everyone feared. what about -- is there any way to measure the oil below the surface and the damage that it is doing to marine life, currently? screw are right. as would you expect -- >> you are right. as you would speak, manifest station of the -- manifestation is low now. i know that the scientific team of the government is looking at where the oil has been produced, how much has
1:45 am
been contained and captured and skimmed. where the oil is, it has a high volatility which means it evaporates. so we are all over that. along with the government to locate or measure the constitutions of -- concentrations of oil. it is a warm sea i think we see that in terms of the degradation of the oil not to minimize it in any way. >> greta: i understand you are paying a lot of money, as you should, to make up for the damage that has been created by this leak. one of the concerns is whether or not you are going to pull out, the federal government is going to pull out faster than this gets cleaned up? the longer you stay the longer the federal government the faster to get this cleaned up and not rely on nature. can we get a commitment on how long you are going to stay there? >> absolutely. i've heard these things and concerns i suppose it is natural that once the well is
1:46 am
capped, bp is gonna pull out. that's absolutely not the case. we had a meeting today on it. i was talking to teams in new orleans and houston this is a long term commitment by bp. not only for the spill response cleaning up the beaches where it needs to be cleaned up, the marshes as well as restitutions for the impact it has had on individuals and businesses. we are going to do 10 years. we are committed to do half a billion dollars of science, measurement, working with the gulf of mexico, institutions around the gulf of mexico this is a very long term, large commitment by bp which is why we put a 32 billion dollar charge on our balance sheet today to heat those commitments. we've announced we will sell between 25 and 30 billion dollars of assets worldwide to be absolutely sure we can meet all commit s to the u.s. and people of the gulf coast. >> greta: what did tony hayward say as you were
1:47 am
passing the mantle when the news broke, everyone knew it was coming, what did he say to you? >> he's a man who worked for 30 years for bp. he dedicated his entire working life. a great love for the company and great pride in the company. i think his view was that he was the captain of a ship during an accident. and he's been incredibly gracious. he and i will work together during this transition between now and october. he is deeply saddened. yet, he realized it was the right thing to do. i think that's the measure of the man. get -- >> dana: next, best of the rest. sarah palin turns media critic. she just took some jabs at the president over his visit to "the view." the governor sounds off, next. >> reunion between two hero dogs and a soldier they saved in afghanistan. you will love this
1:48 am
>> congressman anthony weiner blows a gasket on the house floor. the republican on the receiving end is fighting back. the whole story, next. >> i will not yield! and the gentleman will observe regular order! let's go. come on. hurry up. [ laughter ] [ slamming ] [ engines revving ] [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] before you take it on your road trip... we take it on ours. [ children lghing ] now during the summer event, ge an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz like the 2010 c-class, an iihs top safety pick, for 1.9 percent apr or lease one for $349 a month.
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>> dana: here the best of the rest. this takes partisan bickering to a new level. debate on the house floor exploded into chaos last night. the whole controversy around a failed measure that would have given health care to 9/11 first responders sickened by ground zero. republicans and democrats only disagree about the procedure used for the bill. democrat anthony weiner went ballistic especially on congressman peter king. >> wait until all members who have spoken and stand up and wrap their around procedure. we see it in the senate everyday where members say we want amendments, we want debate, but still a no we stand up and say only if we had a different process we would vote yes. you vote yes if you believe yes! you vote in favor of something if you brief it is right. if you believe it is wrong thing, you vote no! i will not yield!
1:53 am
and the gentleman will observe regular order! the gentleman will observe regular order! gets up and yells he's going to intimidate people believing he's right. the gentleman is wrong? the gentleman is providing cover for his colleagues rather than doing the right thing. it is republicans wrapping their arms around republicans rather than doing the right thing on behalf of the heroes. it is a shame! a shame! if you believe in is a bad idea, to provide health care, then vote no! but don't give me the cowardly view that oh if it was a different procedure -- the gentleman will observe regular order and sit down, i will not! the gentleman will sit. the gentleman is correct in sitting! >> dana: congressman king and weiner together on fox news where the fight continued. >> phony hypocrisy they could pass the bill if they wanted.
1:54 am
>> we did last night 94% of democrats, what per sent of republicans. >> keep quiet for a second. i said they wanted to make a cheap political point. >> here's the point we made. we made the point. we supported your guys don't. outrageous to oppose this bill. >> he's trying to make the point rather than say -- >> dana: it is nice to see bipartisanship alive and well. >> how do you not love two dogs who save soldiers during an attack in afghanistan? check out this video. an an army national guards man reunited with two strays that saved his life and others in afghanistan. the dogs rufus and target befriended our soldiers and started bombing when a suicide bomber tried to speak into the barracks. the bomb went off and a few soldiers and dogs were injured, the case nines are credited with saving many -- the case
1:55 am
nines are credited with saving many lives. now they are giving them a new home. >> final look out president obama former governor sarah palin is treating begin. president obama paid a visit it is to the ladies of "the view". she tweets: no time to visit the mexican border, lots of time to chat on the view. governor palin later added she was headed to the border soon. we'll see if the president does too. >> there you have it, the best of the rest. >> still ahead, a special last call starring vice president biden and snooki. the vice president gives us a lot of material. lot of material. is this the year you go catch more than a movie? then you belong at bass pro shops. for great deals during our summer clearance sale. and make plans now for the fall hunting classic,
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